This year, Vojdan Chernodrinski Festival celebrates theater in all possible ways and locations. We will do our best to bring the theater closer to every potential spectator in Prilep with the several festival zones spread throughout the town, through the locations favorite to the people of Prilep. In cooperation with the TEATROSK group from Skopje, led by Vojo Cvetanovski and Skopje Faculty of Dramatic Arts students, there will be performances of pantomime and the medieval Skomrahi. The festival zones will be marked, and the audience can enjoy the theater outside the theater stages. 


 Location: in front of and inside Miss Stone Cinema. In cooperation with Prilep Siljan Shtrkot Children’s Theater Festival, we will have the opportunity to get an insight into the results of the Educational Workshops and register for future ones. We will learn about theater, watch children’s plays, enjoy and have fun.


Everyone can listen to the author’s theater music in the audio room. In cooperation with the SAMOGLAS audiobook platform and Donate A Computer, visitors can listen to theater music at our festival for the first time.