About Vojdan Chernodrinski


Vojdan POP GEORGIEV – CHERNODRINSKI (Born on 15 th January, 1875, in the village Selci, Debar’s Zupa) – is Macedonian drama author, actor, manager, establisher of Macedonian Theater.

In 1886, he and his family are moving from their village Selci to Ohrid, and after that in Thessalonice (1889) and to Sofia (1890). In Sofia, he is becoming a member of Theater group “Tear and laugh” and also is becoming a member of Macedonian Literacy Group, which is organized from Macedonian immigrants in Bulgaria.

He started to study on the Sofia First Male Gymnasium, which he didn’t study regularly. In 1894, he established the theater group “Macedonian protect”, with whose members he prepared the first performances of “Wood worker” and “In the Traditional Restaurant” (1895).

In 1899, he went to Switzerland to study law, but have he never finished the law studies. There, he formed Macedonian Liberating Movements. He came back to Sofia (1900) and than he wrote the most famous national Macedonian drama “Macedonian bloody wedding” (first premiere on 20 th November, 1900).

In 1901, he formed own travel theater “Care and consolation”. With this group, he realized many tourneys through Bulgaria and Serbia. Also, for short time he worked as professional for National Theater of Sofia. As a fighter for his country he participated in the First Balkan War.

He was a representative of Macedonian essential dramaturge. He was a real Theater’s author, flexible, impulsive, skilful, and ingenious and persist person. Even, he was self-educated person of the dramaturge’s field, he also knew that Drama’s text was specified for theater scene, and because of it, he wrote his entire opus with this technique.