The Macedonian Theatre festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski” was formed in 1965, initially proposed by the Drama Artists Association from the republic of Macedonia. The Festival gets its name from the progenitor of Macedonian drama – Vojdan Chernodrinski, who was an author, actor, manager, and producer of theatre performances. Traditionally, the festival is held each year in Prilep, at the beginning of June. The very first performance of this renowned festival was held on June 4th, 1965. 

The festival continuously hosts the finest theatre / drama performances from the entirety of Macedonian theatre productions. These performances are based on essential worldwide dramatic works, while maintaining a focus and affirmation of the Macedonian dramatic interpretation.

The festival is of a special state interest and is the only of its kind financed by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, alongside being financed by the local self- government of Prilep, various donations, and sponsorships.

The festival’s organizational structure is as follows: a Deliberative Assembly with an Executive Board, an Art Director, and a President of the Deliberative Assembly. The Deliberative Assembly consists of representatives of North Macedonia’s various theatre institutions and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje. The festival’s Deliberative Assembly elects an Art Director who monitors the whole of the theatre production and then proposes a concept for the official and accompanying program, alongside all other contents of the festival in the current year.

The festival additionally offers a competitive aspect in the official program.