Macedonian theater festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski” is constituted in 1965 to initiative of Drama Artists Association from republic Macedonia. The Festival’s name is by the establisher of Macedonian drama, which name was Vojdan Chernodrinski – drama author, actor, manager and producer of theater performances. The Festival has been organized traditionally in Prilep, on the beginning of June, every year.

The very first performance was presented on 4th June in 1965.

There are presented consistently the best theater/drama performances from entire Macedonian Theater Production that are worked by the text of the world dramaturge, and with it, especially is affirming Macedonian Drama Opus.

The festival is from special state interest and is unique from this type. It is financed from The Ministry of culture of Republic of Macedonia, local self – government, donations and sponsors.

The management of the festival has an executive board and an assembly composed of representatives from all theater institutions in the country. The assembly of the festival elects an art director who monitors the entire theater production and proposes a concept for the official and accompanying program as well as the other contents of the festival in the current year.

The festival has competitive character in official program.